Cloud Migration Journey

Discover the Five Stages of our Cloud Migration Journey, allowing you to optimize and make the very most of the Cloud.

Cloud Services

Our GFT Cloud Services brochure includes a full summary of our GFT Cloud Offerings and our different adoption approaches to cloud migration.

All financial institutions acknowledge the need to harness the vast opportunities the cloud provides. But for many this is challenging and there is a lot to consider. GFT’s Cloud Engineering Services provide insights into what the cloud means for financial services, and our specialist delivery capability helps clients realise the full range of benefits from the cloud.

Our team draws on an unparalleled practical experience of financial markets and a deep knowledge of cloud technology to accelerate your journey to the cloud.

We can help:

  • Assess your technology estate to build business cases for cloud migration
  • Determine the right approach for your business – lift and shift, reengineer or cloud native  
  • Deliver a carefully crafted cloud migration approach to suit your business strategy within the context of a regulatory environment  
  • Partner with you to innovate new ways of delivering stakeholder value

A partnership with GFT empowers you to fully exploit the cloud within the FS context.

Why transform your business

Reduce Capex and Opex costs with the cloud

The benefits of cloud computing include reduced capital expenditure, ongoing cost reduction and scalability. Moving to the cloud is challenging. GFTs Cloud Engineering Services offer an accelerated journey to the cloud based on a sound business case.

Reimagine your business benefit delivery model

Migrating to the cloud is more than a change in technology. It is an opportunity to transform the way you deliver business value to stakeholders. GFT is working with clients to help them reshape their organisation and process to align to the cloud.

Opportunities to innovate at pace and scale

GFT’s knowledge in cloud and financial services offers an accelerated journey. Our cloud expertise includes:

• Advanced Big Data and cloud analytic capabilities
• An agile innovation platform
• Advanced sandbox environments for client PoCs

GFT has the right mix of financial and technology expertise to deliver a bespoke approach to the cloud that truly reflects our client’s strategy. We can help clients plan their migration, migrate existing applications to the cloud, and build innovative native cloud solutions. Tim Brazier Head of Cloud Strategy - Capital Markets


Why choose GFT

GFT Cloud Engineering – driving innovation

With cloud architects in key financial centres and cloud delivery capabilities in four nearshore locations, GFT offers cost-effective cloud migration leveraging deep knowledge and understanding of the regulatory constraints unique to FS institutions.

GFT is a world leader in digital transformation

GFT has guided many banks through their digital transformation. We have a deep, practical understanding from design led approaches, agile development, use of Big Data and continuous delivery to adopting the cloud with comprehensive DevOps automation.

GFT – A gateway to FinTech solutions

Big Tech and FinTech offer solutions for delivering and accelerated financial services technology and business change. A strong ecosystem of partnerships from FinTechs to major cloud service providers enables us to offer end-to-end solutions.

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