On a “digital wallet” APP, three main payment services are currently available:

  • P2P: Money transfer between individuals through their bank accounts

  • P2B: Payments in store and e-commerce

  • P2G: Payments on premise and remotely

Cient: International payment provider

Develop a mobile app for P2B, P2G and P2P payments

  • Enable payments in e-commerce and physical stores (P2B) and person-to-person (P2P) money transfers through a single mobile app

  • Payments to government institutions (P2G) for taxes and other public services

  • Solution must comply with and support required standard for accounts and cards

  • The P2P service must support a circular market environment in which all the different banks, on both a local and an international basis, connect with one another

Design and implementation of a complete digital wallet solution

  • Development of the initial business idea and feasibility study
  • Implementation of a complete digital wallet solution in partnership with SIA, an international transactions processor based in Italy, for a tier one Italian banking group

  • GFT leveraged its skills in banking systems as well as mobile apps and related enabling technologies through its Appverse Project

Secure and easy to use app now deployed by almost all Italian banks

  • Implementation of the entire digital wallet solution in partnership with SIA

  • Solution recognised by the market as a “standard de facto”: To date almost 80% of Italian banking accounts participate in the P2P programme

  • Foundation for the next wave: Smart Living, aimed to make day-to-day life simpler, through advanced mobile services

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