Managing Director Canada, France and Belgium

Alain Lamothe has been working for more than 30 years in the field of consulting, mainly in the insurance industry. With his team, he has led major strategic projects for his insurance clients. Throughout the great achievements he has made over the years, Mr. Lamothe has always had the same pleasure and passion in supporting his clients in their major transformations.

Mr. Lamothe has a very clear vision of the international insurance markets and how to support insurers in their digital transformation. He was able to reinvent the way we consult with clients. His vision: To provide specialized insurance consulting services that are tailored for the specific needs of insurance companies around the world. With this in mind, a few years ago, he created a Centre of Excellence exclusively dedicated to the insurance market, the first of its kind in Canada. Its primary aim is to promote its team of IT professionals internationally. This distinctive insurance expertise allows us to meet the needs of North American and European clients who share many of the same challenges.

Mr. Lamothe has the ability to always look beyond and lead with a visionary approach to the consulting world. In constant evolution, he tries to find a way to do things differently, to do better and to lead his team towards excellence. He is convinced that the insurance expertise acquired over the years, combined with his visionary approach will satisfy the needs of insurers internationally.