Mainframes are not aligned with today’s business context. While banks are evolving towards open organisations, their back-end systems remain unchanged. In order to fully leverage open organisations benefits, the backend needs to change; but where are we going?

In our experience, based on evaluation of customer’s mainframe landscape, they want a phased exit strategy based on the following ‘Strategic Evolution Criteria’.

The GFT Mainframe Modernisation approach is based on following principles:  

  • Customer focus, because we always look for a longterm relationship
  • Assets/Accelerators to manage the complexity of this process
  • An agnostic approach to fit customer roadmap - managing customer expectations

Our 'Strategic Evolution Criteria'

AWS Mainframe flow chart

Rapid Assessment - In 1 Week

AWS Rapid Assessment

Detailed Discovery

AWS Detailed Discovery

The Mainframe Offloader Accelerator

Mainframe Offloading refers to the process of extracting data in real-time from the mainframe (usually using CDC) into a secondary storage. GFTs Mainframe Offloader solution is a template infrastructure-as-code solution that can rapidly accelerate any Mainframe Offloading Project, reducing the time of development from months to weeks.


AWS Mainframe Accelerator

Key Features

Easy setup

CLI Menu, for easy setup, manage and demo. Modular and configurable infrastructure, able to disable modules to reduce setup times during development.

Data Catalog

Data Catalog using Apache Atlas, able to catalog and lineage main Big Data frameworks, such as Kafka, HDFS, Hive or event RDMS via Sqoop.


Quickly add new streams and transformations with KSQL. Perform complex and scalable transformations using the pre-configured EKS cluster.


Dashboarding capabilities using Apache Superset, which can be used for reconciliations, data monitor, etc.

Full automation

Automation using Terraform, can span the whole infrastructure in about 1 hour and could also be easily migrated to other AWS Regions.

Modular infra

Modular infrastructure, able to add or remove components for your needs.

Secure access

Whole infra runs in a private network, with Bastion as the entry points. You can easily Access the components via pre-configured tunnels.


Use Kafka Connect to generate new sinks, such as S3 files for historical data and Analytics, or multistore into NOSQL databases for specific use cases.

Discover our AWS Application and Mainframe Modernisation resources

Mainframe Modernisation

Back-end modernisation for open banking

Mainframe Modernisation

Back-end modernisation for open banking

Enric Perez

Our specialists

Enric Pérez has a track record of more than 30 years of deep experience in IT (development, architecture and infrastructure). He has had several assignments in different companies before GFT, including from 1990 to 2009 when he was working at Deutsche Bank Spain, where he was the responsible of architecture & infrastructure department.


Our specialists

Antonio has more than 34 years of sound experience in the IT industry (development, WW projects, outsourcing, software, ERP, BI, IoT, databases). He has had several assignments in different worldwide ITC companies. Including from 1997 to 2017 when he was working at IBM, being responsible in a variety of different EMEA and WW positions.

Paloma Martin

Our specialists

Paloma is director of GFT Brazil with more than 25 years of experience, covering technological renewal projects in major Spanish and Latin American financial institutions. She has strong experience in structuring solutions for the creation and modernisation of CORE banking products and currently works on initiatives aimed at innovation, digital transformation, mainframe modernisation and open banking, with a consideration end-to-end business processes.

Valter Da Cruz

Our specialists

Valter is as a programming analyst, technical support & solution architect for mainframe migrations to cloud. As well as managing sales and technical support teams, keeping old customers and opening new business opportunities with sales of products and services, Valter also has considerable post-sales and consulting skills with an emphasis on mainframe migrated solutions architecture.