An immersive and hyperpersonalised financial experience

This point of view explores the notion of augmented banking, one of the four pillars of exponential banking as envisioned by GFT. Through insightful analysis and illustrative case studies, you will learn how to leverage exponential technologies to create an immersive banking experience that goes far beyond today’s digital interactions.

From value proposition to unique proposition

Augmented banking involves leveraging exponential technologies to enhance the relationship between the bank and its customers by delivering a richer experience through new services or new ways of interacting with traditional services.

The notion of augmented banking appeared over a decade ago with the launch of the first solutions build around digital channels and digital architectures, which leveraged the opportunities offered by the internet and mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

It further evolved with the arrival of digital solutions built around an extended mobile ecosystem - including wearables, smart TVs and other connected devices - and supported by new technologies such as bluetooth, NFC and biometrics. 

Today, we encounter augmented solutions that provide a fully immersive banking experience, offering hyperpersonalised services and new interaction ways completely integrated into the user’s digital life.

These solutions draw on exponential technologies - like virtual, augmented and mixed reality, data visualisation, computer vision, artificial intelligence and biometric recognition, among others - to enable customers to make the right financial decisions by integrating relevant financial information into their everyday lives.

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