The reality of how people communicate, interact with one another and use products and services has changed radically. New consumer behaviour means that insurance companies have to be proactive and offer solutions that enhance the customer experience by paving the way for integrated, omnichannel relationships.

As well as responding to new demands, insurance companies must continually offer new products and services through business processes that are designed to enhance both efficiency and flexibility.

From strategy to delivery, GFT provides consulting services in business and IT architecture, specialist insurance services and leading major transformation projects. Our focus throughout lies in one critical goal: ensuring that any IT or business project creates value for the organisation.

Our team specialises in property insurance, casualty insurance, and life and health insurance. We understand the needs and interests of the insurance world. This enables us to propose efficient solutions that offer the best value for the organisation. It also allows us to be operational as soon as we start working on the project.

Our range of services covers:

Why transform your business

Multi-channel approach

Companies need to manage interaction processes with customers and partners through different channels in an integrated way.

Efficient transformation projects

For an insurance company, business process optimisation is a priority but it can also be highly challenging, especially during transformation projects. GFT knows how to continue to deliver value during such projects.

Non-standard interaction

Customers want to interact with a company when it suits them best, in an intuitive and involving way, using their preferred medium or device. This also affects timing and it is not always a linear process.

Customers’ insurance needs and their purchasing habits are evolving rapidly. In the near future, insurers must innovate in conceiving new products and the way to administrate them.”
Alain Lamothe Global Head of Insurance
Alain Lamothe

Why choose GFT

The insurance sector specialist

GFT is proud to be recognised by its clients and partners as the sector specialist when it comes to innovative insurance solutions. We provide consulting services that are tailored to the sector and spearhead major transformation projects.

Deep business expertise and technical knowledge

GFT consists of insurance experts who offer a new way to support insurers in their growth challenges and digital transformations in order to propel them into the future.

A global player with a local presence

GFT has stood for technological expertise, innovative strength and outstanding quality since 1987. Our global team works with the world’s leading financial services institutions.

Recognised by leading market analysts:


“The Guidewire Services market grew by 16-18% in 2019, with Guidewire increasing its hold as the preferred core platform for P&C insurers. The commercial SMB segment in North America and large personal insurers in Europe are driving demand for greenfield implementations, while existing Guidewire clients are actively exploring the move to the cloud,” according to Aaditya Jain, Practice Director, Everest Group. “GFT has improved its competitive positioning, earning Major Contender and Star Performer recognition on Everest Group’s Guidewire Services PEAK® Matrix Assessment 2020 given: significant growth in its client base and delivery capabilities, backed by synergistic gains from its acquisition of V-NEO; multiple new specializations on Guidewire products for the EMEA market; and strong recognition among its clients for serving as a strategic partner to drive innovation.”

PEAK 2020 Guidewire Services

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