GFT’s professionals are especially concerned about efficient business cases and IT project design and management, since inefficiencies in these areas often prevent value creation.

Instead of relying specifically on methodologies, we believe that optimising business or IT solution implementation practices should involve selecting, adapting and furthering proven professional practices, and experimenting with and refining promising emerging practices.

To offer the best-performing services:

  • we use risk management-based approaches
  • we excel at recognised practices
  • we are able to optimise these practices to increase their value to the organisation

Through management-based approaches and recognised practices, we help our customers in the following areas:

IT process improvement:

  • Implement and use Agile and Lean approaches to improve the development process for the IT teams
  • Align the business part of the project with those Agile and Lean practices
  • Take advantage of our large inventory of assets to accelerate development to the point of delivery

Mainframe optimisation:

  • Competency centre
  • Contextual analysis: maximum optimisation with minimal investment
  • Cost reduction and performance optimisation
  • Consolidated methodology to identify and resolve problems
  • Development of components to work with batch processing and CICS (24/7)

Integrated project portfolio management:

  • PMO processes, priority-setting, risk and resource management, project and programme management, portfolio analysis
  • Financial management and project accounting
  • Integration into interfaces, connections and overlaps with SAP, Jira and Function Point models
  • Internal and external staff management

Why transform your business

Cost reduction

1. Operating costs in a variety of areas (including license and maintenance costs) using productivity tools.

2. Personnel costs by reducing dependence on technical staff.

Deliver insurance solutions faster

We focus on efficient transformation value streams along with strong QA practices across Agile teams to enable incremental value delivery with fast integrated learning cycles.

Digital transformation

Modern back-end systems are the enablers of digital transformation, without professional realignment of back-end systems and reliable business processes, transformation is not possible.

Transformations initiated by insurers bring a risk of efficiency loss. It is therefore essential to think carefully about modernisation strategies to ensure efficiency during and after the transformation process.”
Alain Lamothe Global Head of Insurance
Alain Lamothe

Why choose GFT

The insurance sector specialist

GFT is the sector specialist for the delivery of IT solutions for the insurance industry. With specialists certified in Guidewire products, GFT is playing a pivotal role in key projects in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, UK and South Africa.

Deep business expertise and technical knowledge

GFT consists of insurance experts who offer a new way to support insurers in their growth challenges and digital transformations in order to propel them into the future.

A global player with a local presence

GFT has stood for technological expertise, innovative strength and outstanding quality since 1987. Our global team works with the world’s leading insurance companies.

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