We help insurers to navigate organisational changes such as business process optimisation, systems modernisation and digital transformation by leveraging a business solution platform. We focus on both the business and IT aspects of the operations to help insurers to achieve their business objectives.

GFT is your go-to Guidewire insurance suite implementation expert, with a proven project delivery track record, certified and experienced professionals, extensive insurance knowledge, processes based on best practice, and close ties to Guidewire.

Why transform your business

Prepare programme execution

It is essential to prepare carefully for programme delivery in order to ensure alignment within the leadership team, confirm the intended use of the solution, pinpoint the appropriate operating model and ensure the organisation is ready for change.

Innovative Agile methodology

Our project management is influenced by practice optimisation. Our approach is based on recognised Agile principles and applies to software development, IT transformation, and software solutions implementation.

Insurance package solution

With many projects, success depends strongly on an ability to select and integrate the right software and the package solutions available on the market.

In order to quickly adapt to new market needs, insurers have to opt for flexible solutions, proven to be effective, allowing to focus on their core business.”
Alain Lamothe Global Head of Insurance
Alain Lamothe

Why choose GFT

The insurance sector specialist

GFT is the sector specialist for the delivery of IT solutions for the insurance industry. With specialists certified in Guidewire products, GFT is playing a pivotal role in key projects in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, UK and South Africa.

Strong Guidewire experience

GFT has a wealth of experience in the integration of specialised Guidewire solutions. It is also the winner of two Guidewire Innovation Award for Change Management and Transformation Innovation.

Smart software customisation

GFT applies software customisation carefully controlled to facilitate evolution, sustainability, and usability. The backlog must drive management decisions.