Data – a critical business asset

Data is a valuable business asset with an immense potential ROI. Advanced data analytics empowers an organisation to leverage its data and build competitive advantage. The emergence of large data sets is driving widespread adoption and data analytics is becoming the definitive decision-making tool of our time. 

Skilful use of predictive analytics helps optimise marketing campaigns and gain insight into customer behaviour. With the right strategy and technology, every customer interaction is an opportunity to learn from experience and improve responsiveness.

As the use of data analytics becomes mainstream, successful organisations will be those that achieve a holistic view of their data. Systems will support data management and analytics across all functions and departments. 

GFT has the right people and technology to integrate data analytics into your business strategy and improve your bottom line.

Why you should have GFT alongside

Adopt a holistic view

To succeed in data analytics you need quality data. Our approach begins with a thorough review of how data is ingested, stored and managed throughout your business. You’ll be able to achieve a holistic view of data that’s aligned with your strategy.

A combination of people and technology

Technology can solve many business problems. But a successful data analytics project also requires strong leadership. GFT offers the right combination of people and technology to help you realise the quantifiable benefits of data analytics.

Our track record of success

With a wealth of practical experience across several industries, GFT can lead you to success. Our consultative approach will help you identify and quantify exactly how data analytics can transform your business.

Data analytics has the potential to transform decision making in many organisations. By turning data into intelligence better decision can be made quicker, shortening time to market and creating competitive advantage. A successful data analytics platform will collate and analyse data turning it into actionable insight.”
Alpesh Tailor Executive Director

How data analytics changes the game

Make smarter decisions – faster

Shape your business around your data. Successful organisations understand the value of data as a source of competitive advantage. With advanced data analytics you can turn data into actionable insight.

Let data drive your business strategy

With rich data and powerful analytics you can stay in touch with evolving customer needs and ahead of the competition. Advanced data analytics can answer many important questions about your market, helping you become more agile and responsive.

Build loyal customer relationships

With advanced data analytics, no customer experience is ever wasted. A well-designed analytics program will guide sales teams to better decisions, boost productively and build customer loyalty.