With bank IT infrastructure and budgets under increasing pressure, cost reduction continues to be at the top of the industry’s agenda. Increasingly, operations managers are expected to improve operational efficiency by 10 to 20 percent year-on-year.

The simplest cost-saving strategies have already been applied, however, and it is becoming more difficult to keep delivering the required efficiency improvements.

Why transform your business

Reduce costs

Cost of IT operations increases by 5 to 10 percent every year.

Free up resources

Use your highly skilled people for strategic projects.

Stay agile

Changing business demands can only be met with an agile IT setup.

Until now, strategies have typically focused on front office improvements. To achieve the boost in sales that is possible from such programs, the back offices also have to be optimised and allow for automated, audited and performing processes. Ricardo Elizo Director


Why choose GFT


We have been supporting banks around the world for 25 years, providing them with international, cross-disciplinary teams that develop and apply solutions based on a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of banking.

Flexible delivery concepts

We combine on-site expertise with near-shore development and application management centres, offering you high-quality software delivery and maintenance based on a deep understanding of your local business.

IT creativity

Our IT experts are also creative. They combine proven technologies with new market trends to improve financial processes.

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