We invest in increasing our employees’ market value.

Become part of the GFT experience, collaborate on our global projects and gain a new perspective on the world of IT.

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What we offer you

Working at GFT is more than just a job. We do our best to create a positive work environment that promotes professional development inside and outside the office.

Develop your career in our multicultural environment. Share your vision and gain experience with an international approach.

GFT is a global company that operates in the most important financial centres of the world. We work in international, multicultural and multidisciplinary teams. 

We value diversity and offer employees the flexibility to work in different locations in a global environment, with every opportunity to share ideas with colleagues from around the world. We care about people and respect different cultures and points of view.

Working with us, you will become more flexible and adept at adapting to changes and different work environments.

At the core of our philosophy lies cultural diversity: we believe that interaction with different cultures is essential to knowledge development. You will benefit from learning about different opinions and approaches, allowing you to view issues from a broader perspective.

Teamwork is the key to our success. Together we are stronger and more empowered to achieve our objectives.

We promote a positive work environment that encourages creativity and collaboration among employees. At GFT, we derive strength from unity.

The key to our success lies in harnessing the unique strengths and talents of each individual to create strong and motivated teams which pursue excellence and aim to achieve common goals. 

Moreover, we are known for a winning combination that pools the talent of our young, dynamic and multidisciplinary colleagues with the broad experience of our senior IT experts.

We offer the perfect blend of ingredients: creativity, innovation and technology.

Innovation, creativity and cutting-edge technologies define us and are part of our day-to-day work. We analyse the latest market trends to grow continuously and focus clearly on our clients’ needs, thus helping them complete the digital transformation of their business.

We are open-minded and innovative thinkers, always on the lookout for ways to break new ground. We are creative and come up with new and compelling ideas. We like to think big and set our sights on new challenges.

We turn ideas into solutions and strive for excellence in everything we do. Every day presents us with new challenges and opportunities that help us grow.

A global career within your reach

Interested in working abroad? We have IT openings throughout the world. Don’t miss out on our international opportunities!

We look for top professionals all over the world. We recruit in various countries and offer you the opportunity to climb the career ladder abroad.

GFT offer jobs that match your profile, taking your interests and qualifications into account.

We provide legal and administrative support to ease the transition into your new position and help you feel at home from the start.

We make the most of your talent and help you reach your highest potential.

GFT seek talented professionals to contribute to the company and play a key role in its future development.

We offer you every opportunity to forge a career in a multinational and multicultural company, working on interesting projects in innovative environments involving trailblazing technologies.

We equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet everyday challenges in any part of the business. We also offer training that addresses your professional needs.

It is thanks to these initiatives that we can help you become a specialist in your area of expertise, with the level of commitment, flexibility and capacity it takes to fuel innovation. You will help inspire others to perform to their highest ability.

At GFT, people really do matter. Join us and enjoy a wide range of benefits.

GFT’s employees are our most valuable asset. That’s why we provide them with numerous benefits, such as:

  • A career model that encourages individual development
  • A competitive salary and benefits
  • An international environment that promotes professional and cultural exchange
  • Flexible working hours that enable you to maintain a healthy work-life balance
  • A tried and tested onboarding process, as well as individually tailored training and employee education programmes

At GFT it’s not just about the job. Discover what else we have to offer:

Working at GFT is more than just a job. With us, you will enjoy a wide range of leisure activities, from sport to holiday and summer parties, in addition to outdoor events, corporate conferences and celebrations to mark our success. These activities help foster a relaxed work environment. Ultimately, we want everyone at GFT to feel at home in the company.

We’re driven by a passion for people, innovation and technology. By combining your unique talents with the expertise of our team, you will develop professionally, experience diversity, improve your skills and competence, achieve your career goals and find a place where you can grow.”
Guillem Rodriguez Global Head of HR