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  1. GFT approach regarding Covid-19

    The impact and spread of COVID-19 is keeping us all on edge right now. Let me give you some insights on how GFT is managing the current situation and what this means for you. First and most importantly, our services remain unchanged and continue as before. We are all working very closely together, providing you with the usual high quality and security standards. There have been no disruptions of services globally and I am sure you would agree we can be proud of the GFT account teams. We even managed to successfully go live with two challenging new projects.

  2. GFT in Top 10 of the Women's Career Index 2019

    For the past seven years, the Women's Career Index (Fki) has been awarding prizes to companies that promote a culture of change and innovation and in particular promote the careers of women. This year GFT Technologies SE (GFT) is again among the top 10 most women-friendly companies in the FKi ranking. GFT attaches great importance to diversity and supports women in management positions. With Marika Lulay as CEO, a woman has been at the head of the company since mid 2017.

  3. GFT achieves strong earnings growth in first half of 2018

    GFT Technologies SE (GFT) today published its results for the first six months and second quarter of 2018. Its business with digitalisation solutions for retail banks continues to make good progress. This led to year-on-year revenue growth of 6 percent in its business division Continental Europe. The revenue trend in the Americas & UK division continues to be dominated by the cost-cutting measures of two major investment banking clients, leading to a decline in revenue of 12 percent.

  4. GFT acquires Canadian IT specialist V-NEO, focused on the insurance industry

    As a result of the acquisition, GFT will enter the Canadian insurance market, expand its market position in North America and gain a new site in Belgium. V-NEO develops integrated IT solutions and implements Guidewire services for leading insurance companies in Canada, Belgium and France. 160 employees will strengthen GFT’s industry expertise with a focus on digital applications within the property, casualty and life insurance sectors.

  5. GFT fait l’acquisition de V-NEO, spécialiste canadien des TI dans le secteur des assurances

    Grâce à cette acquisition, GFT entrera dans le marché canadien des assurances, élargira sa position dans le marché nord-américain et acquerra un nouveau site en Belgique. V-NEO développe des solutions de TI intégrées et met en œuvre des services Guidewire pour des sociétés d’assurances de premier plan au Canada, en Belgique et en France. 160 employés renforceront l’expertise sectorielle de GFT, mettant l’accent principalement sur les applications numériques dans les secteurs de l’assurance de biens, l’assurance risques divers et l’assurance-vie.

  6. GFT starts financial year 2018 with revenue and earnings growth

    The GFT Group published its results for the first quarter of 2018 today. There was increased demand for projects based on new technologies, such as distributed ledger technologies, cloud, data analytics and artificial intelligence, in the first quarter of 2018. As a result, the GFT Group achieved quarter-on-quarter revenue growth of 5 percent to EUR 106.99 million and almost doubled earnings (EBITDA) to EUR 10.05 million. Compared to the strong first quarter of 2017 – which at the time was not yet impacted by the budget restrictions of two investment banking clients – revenue in the first quarter of 2018 was down by just 4 percent, while EBITDA rose by 1 percent.

  7. GFT expands business model to industrial clients and adjusts guidance

    In view of continued volatility in the financial services sector, the management of GFT Technologies SE (GFT) today announced plans to expand its business model, which was previously tailored to the needs of banks. At the same time, due to increased cost savings made by two clients in the field of investment banking during the fourth quarter, GFT has downgraded its revenue and earnings guidance for 2017.

  8. GFT Group posts double-digit growth in financial year 2016

    The GFT Group today announced its preliminary and unaudited figures for the financial year 2016. With solid growth in revenue and earnings, the technology specialist for the financial services industry exceeded its full-year guidance slightly. The main growth driver was demand from retail banks for digitalisation solutions. In the Americas & UK division, growth was slowed by the reduced propensity of investment banks to invest in IT services.

  9. Marika Lulay to succeed Ulrich Dietz as CEO of GFT Technologies SE

    At today’s Administrative Board meeting of GFT Technologies SE (GFT), Ulrich Dietz – in agreement with the Administrative Board and of his own accord – resigned as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GFT Technologies SE with effect as of GFT’s Annual General Meeting on 31 May 2017. The new CEO will be Marika Lulay, who was unanimously appointed by the Administrative Board, also with effect as of 31 May 2017.

  10. GFT Group sells staffing services provider emagine to management

    The GFT Group today signed an agreement with Financière Valérien SAS regarding the sale of its emagine business division in the countries Germany, France and the UK. In Financière Valérien SAS the current management of emagine, headed by Jean-François Bodin, COO for emagine on the Executive Board of GFT Technologies AG, and the French financial investor MBO Partenaires will hold stakes on the completion of the transaction (closing). The transfer of ownership is planned for the third quarter of 2015. The two sides agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

  11. Annual General Meeting 2015: proposal to change GFT Technologies AG into a European Company (SE) adopted

    At the Annual General Meeting of GFT Technologies AG on 23 June 2015, shareholders voted in favour of changing the company’s legal status to that of a European Company (Societas Europaea, SE). The proposal was adopted with a majority of over 99 percent. The modern, European and internationally recognised legal form underlines the global alignment of the GFT Group, whose around 3,500 employees operate in 11 countries around the world. The change will become effective on its entry in the Commercial Register and is expected to be completed in August 2015.

  12. GFT’s survey of experts: customers are driving digitalisation in the financial services industry, but transformation still needs time

    All the banks surveyed, across all national boundaries, agreed that it is customers who are driving the digitalisation of the financial sector. Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in an increasingly fierce competitive environment is also high on the agenda with more than 90 per cent consensus. In order to increase their overall attractiveness to customers, the respondents believe that a multi-channel approach (online, mobile, branch) is the most important success factor, ahead of personalised services or choosing the right technology platform.

  13. Challenge of digitisation: how retail banks can win the competition for customers

    Sectors such as the music industry and retail trade have already experienced it: the digitisation process is now gradually spreading to all areas of business and daily life. A panel of experts at CeBIT in Hanover discussed the growing pressure for innovation in the banking sector. The big question is: how will banks react to the changing market environment and how can digital technology improve the service experience for customers? A recently launched international study by GFT aims to provide answers.

  14. CeBIT: GFT’s context-based account management heralds new quality of customer contact

    The competition for customers among banks is in full swing. Pure online banks and fintech startups are making life increasingly difficult for classically aligned banks on a growing number of fronts. However, those retail banks that invest now in their digital future and align their service portfolio with customer wishes stand a good chance of facing down the ever fiercer competition. GFT will be showing how bank branches might interact with customers in future with its “Context-Based Account Management” at the CeBIT computer fair (CODE_n hall 16 / D30, GFT stand 07).

  15. Digital Banking Lab at CeBIT: GFT presents intelligent finance management of the future

    According to a recent representative survey by market research firm YouGov, almost one out of three want their bank to provide innovative services that make life easier. At CeBIT, GFT will be showing how digital services can create a new banking experience. The company’s Digital Banking Lab will feature live presentations on the trending topics “Intelligent Finance Management” and “Automated Account Optimising” (CODE_n hall 16 / D30, GFT booth 07).

  16. GFT Group posts strong revenue and earnings growth for financial year 2014 – guidance exceeded

    The GFT Group today announced its preliminary and unaudited figures for the financial year 2014. With an increase in consolidated revenue of 38 percent to EUR 365.32 million (prev. year: EUR 264.29 million), the company displayed dynamic growth and exceeded its revenue target for 2014 by EUR 5.32 million. The significant year-on-year increase in revenue resulted from the strong organic growth of the GFT division with its solutions for the banking sector as well as from company acquisitions in Italy (Sempla, 2013) and the UK (Rule Financial, 2014).

  17. CODE_n15 IoT finalists unveiled: 50 startups from 17 countries to showcase their innovative Internet of Things approaches at CeBIT

    400 IoT startups from around the world submitted their business models and concepts for this year’s “Into the Internet of Things” CODE_n contest, 50 have made it to the final: they will be showcasing their innovative solutions in the four topic areas: Industry 4.0, Smart City, Future Mobility and Digital Life in the CODE_n Hall 16 at CeBIT from March 16-20, 2015.