GFT specialists on panel at BCBS239 conference


GFT’s Co-Heads of Data Practice in the UK, Nick Weisfeld and Jon Cooke, will be guest panellists at an upcoming Incisive Training conference course sponsored by Risk entitled ‘BCBS239: Implementation and Compliance’. The two day conference takes place in London on Thursday June 25th and Friday June 26th, and focuses specifically on the principles for effective data aggregation and risk reporting within BCBS239.

The training course includes an update on the latest BCBS239 guidance published in January 2015 and provides practical implications for risk, finance and the front office. The event also offers further guidance on how to structure assessment process and the design of mechanisms to create ‘life data dictionaries’. The two day event will then conclude with a panel session which features both Nick and Jon as part of the Data Innovation Working Group where they will discuss the overall themes of the course.

The course itself is aimed at those working in departments such as risk management, reporting, enterprise data management, risk analytics, IT strategy, data architecture and administration within banks and other financial institutions. The course will provide an extensive insight into the regulator’s thoughts on the progress made on the implementation of BCBS239 and examine the critical challenges that banks are facing and the practical steps to overcome them.


Information about the ‘BCBS239: Implementation and Compliance’ conference.