GFT ‘takes over’ Finextra with launch of revolutionary Regulatory Change Management Service

Following the launch of its Regulatory Change Management Service, an award-winning solution that gives firms the ability to create an end-to-end tracking process to keep on top of their regulatory challenges, GFT has ‘taken over’ the home page of GFT's extensive coverage includes a new video interview by Paul Harrington (Principal Consultsant, GFT) who discusses the GFT service and outlines best practice in regulatory change management and the challenges banks and other financial institutions face in this space.

The interview with Finextra’s chief reporter Emily Horler has also been promoted via email to over 115,000 registered users of the site, which covers all aspects of Financial Technology and industry news.

Within one hour of the content’s release, the video had been viewed over 1,500 times, an indication of the huge interest in how firms can cope with each and every new regulation, in a holistic way. The video interview coincides with the launch of GFT’s revolutionary Regulatory Change Management Service which was launched today with a press release, driving journalists and prospective clients to the new regulatory offering page of our website.

Paul and the GFT regulatory management team have also drafted a new point-of-view paper on regulatory change titled, Delivering regulatory change management. Time for a smart approach? We will also shortly be sending an email to a specified target audience to encourage them to download the paper and interact with the GFT website, ultimately leading to new sales meetings.

This latest video interview follows on from that of Jeremy Taylor, which was released last week, on the impacts of the enormous MiFID II regulation which all banks are currently struggling to manage. That video interview has so far been viewed over 4,000 times.

GFT Regulatory Change Management Solution

GFT Regulatory Change Management Solution