For many years, Francis has built a solid expertise in the insurance sector, mainly with the Guidewire software. He has been involved in major projects in Canada, the United States and France. He holds all advanced and up-to-date Guidewire certifications on all Guidewire modules and acts as a Guidewire expert to ensure that customer projects meet the requirements of the software.

Francis began his career at GFT as a developer and has now become a Guidewire specialist architect. His expertise in insurance, his ability to make complex things understandable to the business experts, and his understanding of the complete Guidewire Suite is of great value to the major digital transformation projects of our clients.

Francis is originally from Canada, but currently works for a major insurer in France with a team of several other Guidewire-trained professionals. A proud ambassador for GFT, Francis is a true team player who believes in continuous training and who is continually looking ahead.

What led you to join GFT and how have you progressed through your time here?

Prior to joining the company, I worked for over a year on projects with GFT professionals and I greatly enjoyed this experience. I was able to quickly see how GFT professionals stood out and I wanted to be a part of it as well. In order to pursue my career goals, it seemed obvious to me that I needed to join the GFT team.

Over the past seven years, GFT and its customers have enabled me to work on several major digital transformation projects in the insurance industry, including various international projects. I started out as a developer and I was the first within GFT Canada to become a Guidewire expert architect. This, along with obtaining several Guidewire certifications, has allowed me to develop an extensive expertise with the software and to act as a consultant for this renowned P&C software package.

What is your current role at the company and what are your responsibilities?

In my role as a Guidewire architect, I support customers in making decisions on technical solutions in the software and I support the implementation teams during the development phase. Over the years, I developed a versatile Guidewire expertise which allows me to be involved in both architecture and analysis, as well as development in all phases of the project.

My main responsibility is to ensure that the technical integrity of the software package is respected while meeting the business needs. It is critical to ensure that the customer’s plans regarding the identified solutions are compatible with the possibilities offered by Guidewire. I must also always keep an eye out for improvement and process innovation.

Every day, we face an incredible amount of challenges driven by our customers’ ambition with their transformation program. Insurers today are visionaries and forward-looking and we want to support them in their digital transformation. What is most impressive and motivating is the will to succeed of the stakeholders involved, driving us to push our limits and to be creative.

How did your Guidewire specialized expertise develop?

After the first Guidewire project in which I participated, I developed a real desire to go further and learn more about the Guidewire offering, with its various modules and its digital approach. GFT offered me the opportunity to do a first certification on PolicyCenter at the Guidewire training center in the US.

When Guidewire developed an online self-study platform, GFT greatly encouraged me to take the other available training courses and upgrades, as the software is rapidly evolving. My goal was then to obtain certifications in all modules and become a Guidewire expert.

With the self-study platform available, I now act as a mentor and motivator to my colleagues. They have the opportunity to evolve according to their will by following the desired training. You become an expert through training and perseverance, and I encourage my colleagues to do more certifications or to progress in their certifications. This expertise developed with Guidewire is of great value to insurers, both locally and internationally.

Francis Gingras

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Francis Gingras

Guidewire specialist architect