Keeping pace with digital disruptors

Thanks to an extensive presence in forums, conferences and networking events, we identify all  changes produced in the market, understand them and subsequently embrace them to make them part of our DNA.

In parallel to our own ongoing transformation, we envisage which of those learnings can be adopted by our clients. In doing so, we deliver services that enrich all stages of their value chain, helping them to keep pace with the rapid changes affecting the financial industry.

We achieve each challenging milestone thanks to our open and interactive approach to innovation. Many startups are a valuable source of new technology and FinTech companies are typically founded with the purpose of disrupting existing financial systems. Being close to these startups is a good way to spot new opportunities and trends. This also makes it easier to connect with people and ideas, companies and entrepreneurs, governments and industries – thus acting as a vehicle for sharing and transfering innovation.

Be innovative, be ahead.

  • Because the progress of technology is exponential and so is the future.
  • Because business models are constantly changing as a result.
  • Because having a culture of innovation is key in longterm success.
  • All of which means that we cannot aim to transform the financial and industrial sectors without first transforming ourselves.
GFT Helix – 2018

GFT Helix – 2018

Innovation is about disruption, accelerating decisions and deployments. It determines the STRATEGY to enable the creation of new business models and encourages TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESS that plays a crucial role in creating a leaner, smarter organization.

Transformation occurs through the pursuit of operational excellence utilizing incremental and persistent optimization. Successful transformation is chieved by embracing an adaptive and cost-effective business culture.


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Why transform your business

Overwhelming changes in the environment

Scouting for new business models and startups, to identify customer expectations, to foresee and understand regulations or to adopt cutting-edge technology and devices are highly complex tasks on their own, but ultimately, they are all necessary.

Envisioning the bank of the future

Innovation has to go hand-in-hand with a systematic approach - discipline that motivates you to gather market insights and compare the opinions of different business stakeholders to consolidate them into a vision.

Reducing time-to-market

Being the first allows you to establish a brand reputation as a leader. Beyond positioning, this is also about having the chance to test services first, giving the opportunity to dominate the market, even if a service is not yet completely ready.

Setting up an innovation department and claiming that the entire company is innovative is a tiny step on a long journey. In the current market environment, it is essential to identify and establish ways to reach out to others and filter innovation across the entire organisation.”
Josep Maria Díaz Technology Executive Director

Why choose GFT

Transformation entails change in culture

‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’. Any transformation process involves individuals in every department because they are the ones that really run the organisation. Innovation is thus an enabler to ease transformation within the company culture.

Keeping pace with digital disruptors

The digitalisation is a must for financial institutions willing to keep pace with digital disruptors and or overcome a high pressure environment. Innovation enables to catch up with their digital competitors and to face upcoming markets’ threats.

Trial and error: pivotal to improvement

Being agile is complex, but given the current business environment, it’s crucial. The ability to allow for failure – and quickly learn from each setup to make the right adaptations- will be key and this is impossible without an innovation strategy.