Cooperate to stay competitive

In a hyperconnected digital world, collaboration is critical to business success. Disruptive technologies redefine what’s possible, industry boundaries are blurring, and in some cases, disappearing.
Open APIs mean that every business must look inward to understand its own value proposition and outward to devise new ways to deliver customer delight. Success increasingly requires collaboration with several third parties.
This new collaborative age brings threats and opportunities. Organisations with flexible, modular technology stacks will be well placed to capture new business opportunities quickly and profitably. In many cases this requires migrating to the cloud to achieve scale, real-time processing to adopt DevOps development methods. For most organisations doing nothing is not a viable option.
In the age of disruption, a company’s proud heritage does not ensure future success. Those who fail to collaborate are likely to be left behind.

Why collaborate

Collaborate to deliver more, faster

Implement new business models, such as Business-as-a-Service, that empower you to enter new markets and reach new customers with modest investment and at minimal risk.

Focus on the things that deliver most value

Cloud technology has become mainstream. Organisations in all sectors recognise the benefits of scale, real-time processing and a continuous delivery development model that facilitates collaboration within the organisation and with third parties.

Adopt data-driven marketing

In a real-time 24/7 age, all companies must become more agile and responsive. Build a holistic picture of your business environment and collaborate to deliver the services customer value most.

Banks are moving to a connected architecture using open APIs and cloud-based ecosystems where collaboration is the norm. This model is transformational and applies equally to organisations in all sectors who must collaborate to deliver value.”
Manuel Lavín CEO GFT Spain

Why choose GFT as strategic partner

The right mix of technology and business know-how

GFT has participated in the open banking debate since it began. We can help you identify, scope and realise the business benefits of open banking in any geography.

Our practical skillset

We’re already helping many of the world’s major banks capitalise on the open banking opportunity. Our strategic approach is firmly rooted in commercial reality and we are experts in all areas of banking.

Partnerships with digital banking API solutions providers

GFT can help you profit from the unique opportunity offered by open banking. We can help you offer a world-class, customised and convenient banking experience.

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