The digital transformation in financial services is now in full swing. Customer expectations are changing, technology is continuously evolving and financial products and services are being reinvented. What banking customers demand today is different from what they will be demanding tomorrow.

Given this scenario, banks must focus firmly on the customer and, at same time, acquire the resources needed to support changes in demand.

Constant innovation and rapid time-to-market are a must for today’s banks. The doing, undoing, and redoing of solutions needs to be embedded in the culture of the entire organisation. The agility needed to accelerate new product and service delivery, from an initial idea to a final customer solution, is key to the success of the digital transformation.

In this context, the vision of Agile Banking – a combination of innovation consulting, methodology, a new approach to IT organization, IT architecture, and DevOps – provides the foundation for reshaping the financial services industry.

Why transform your business

Increased customer satisfaction

Leveraging technology to improve customer experience builds customer loyalty and ultimately increases market share.

Enable continuous innovation

Agile Banking ensures that both new applications and improved functionalities to existing applications are rapidly delivered, limiting both costs and risks.

A new organisational culture

Only with collaboration across roles, a focus on a shared business objective and acceptance of failure as a learning experience, can financial institutions become leaders in the new generation of banking services.

Though Agile Banking is based on technology and technological processes, it is much more than that. It supports the changes to the bank’s vision and mission triggered by the digital transformation, allowing banks to focus on offering what customers need, when they need it.”
Manuel Lavín Executive Director and CDO
Manuel Lavin

Why choose GFT

Deep industry knowledge

GFT brings together advisory, creative and technology capabilities with an innovation culture and specialist knowledge of the finance sector to support the transformation of the banking industry.

An established start-up network

Utilising the CODE_n innovation platform, GFT is able to provide access to a global network of start-ups and technology pioneers to integrate disruptive technologies into financial services organisations.

Digital Innovation Lab

The GFT Digital Innovation Lab is a proving ground for the digital banking environment of today and tomorrow. Our multidisciplinary specialists anticipate social trends and develop new business models that obtain maximum benefit from digitalisation.