With few exceptions, CIOs are either considering or are in the midst of downsizing their mainframes. You often see references to mainframes in the press, claiming they are obsolete, expensive and doomed to extinction in the near future. Because of this negativity, there is much talk about downsizing from mainframes to smaller systems.

Downsizing makes it possible to migrate legacy applications from an expensive technology platform such as a mainframe to a cheaper one – like an Intel-based platform, for instance – while at the same time maintaining at least the same level of performance and security. 

Why transform your business

Reduce costs to 80 percent in multiple areas

Downsizing your mainframe reduces operational outlays (such as license costs and maintenance costs) by using productivity tools. Personnel costs are also lower because less technical staff is required.

Faciliate the extraction of data

The migration process to the new system includes the conversion of obsolete data storage systems to relational databases. This opens the possibility to access data using SQL, instantly making the task of extracting data much easier.

Improve system performance up to 5 times

Performance can be improved thanks to open-platform technology by simplifying database access and a better integration of other IT systems.

All mainframes are similar, but every downsizing is different because there are so many different options selected. At GFT we have detailed experience in mainframe downsizing so we know about these differences. Our solutions portfolio also offers a variety of software components that can be reused. This makes projects easier and helps reduce project costs.”
Fabrizio Di Peppo Delivery Manager
Fabrizio Di Peppo

Why choose GFT

We are experts – and work with experts

GFT has managed many downsizing projects for well-known companies over the past 16 years. Our specialised teams are highly qualified and our technology partners are leaders in the sector of mainframe downsizing.

GFT Enterprise Transformation

Our in-house GFT Enterprise Transformation architecture ensures a superior migration by drawing on an automatic GFT software analysis and generation architecture.

We deliver turnkey solutions

At GFT, we focus on delivering turnkey solutions, covering all phases of the project from assessment to design, execution, testing and support.

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