In a highly competitive and dynamic industry, which is constantly looking for innovative and agile solutions, GFT spotted a need and created a centre of excellence (CoE) in cards and digital payments. This combines business and technological expertise and addresses all states of the institution value chain.

The CoE offers broad and comprehensive business consulting, systems architectures, project development, and support.

We have a multidisciplinary team of more than 50 experts, all focussed on the development of solutions and the field of systems support, as well as the delivery of professional results to our clients. All of our processes are managed under a methodology in keeping with our customers’ specifications and the GFT corporate governance model. This is underpinned by our quality assurance guidelines.

Why transform your business

Why Digital Transformation is important

We’re focused on market growth in digital payments and developing new solutions for this increasingly digitised market. In addition, analysing the new digital users produces a goldmine of opportunity to deliver a coherent customer experience.

Key role in the economy

The emerging economy is encouraging more widespread use of credit cards, improving the efficiency of the economy and providing better control of tax evasion in the informal market. This also helps attract customers from low-income families.

New regulations and anti-fraud control

The volume of credit card transactions grows every year and shall be 57% higher in 2018 than in 2012. Against this backdrop, new standards and requirements have been introduced by the fraud control authorities to improve the security of transactions.

In a world where cash plays a fundamental role in society, digital payments and technologies will drive consumer trends for years to come.”
Paloma Martin de Soto Principal Consulting
Paloma Martin de Soto

Why choose GFT

Digital innovation

Our innovation unit was designed to develop digital solutions that cover everything from the development of mobile application solutions to the development of predictive analytics tools, providing markets with the best service possible.

End-to-end offering

Our digital and cards payments portfolio serves the main brands in the market, as well as the key institutions involved in issuing, processing and acquisition. GFT has a comprehensive and clear overview of the entire card industry ecosystem.

Payment card processing platforms

Our experts provide detailed knowledge of credit and card management, authorisation, collection, monetary transactions management, etc. Our team includes experts in mainframes, Java, mobile solutions and Microsoft products.