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Why transform your business

Full traceability

Regulators are increasingly demanding full traceability of business and technical documentation to source. With our tools & expertise this is now possible.

Promote collaboration and re-use

Limited collaboration across the organisation leads to constant re-invention of manual solutions to achieve compliance, creating duplication and gaps.

Leverage Regulation to Innovate

This is a once-in-a-corporate-lifetime opportunity to dramatically change how data is managed across the organisation, to not only achieve compliance but also to promote agility and efficiency.

The emergence of new technologies has the ability to streamline many regulation processes. At GFT, we are working towards providing innovative solutions that will be able to reduce operational debt.”
Andrew Rossiter Head of Technology Services
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Why choose GFT

GFT Regulatory Change Manager

Stay in control, by capturing and assessing every change issued by regulators, associations or market infrastructure providers.

Modular approach maximises flexibility

Our tools, accelerators and expertise can be deployed to best fit your organisation, or help changing it.

Maintain compliance

By promoting collaboration and transparency, we can help you address inefficiencies and drive down the cost of maintaining compliance.