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TRUMPF embraces industry 4.0

As an advanced practitioner of just-in-time management, TRUMPF wished to harness the power and immediacy of the Internet of Things (IoT) to implement a real-time ecosystem that could track workflow within client factories.


Networked machine park for a SME

React flexible to changing demands of customers through a well-managed shopfloor that provides total transparency. Choosing the right software solution after analyzing the processes by experienced consultants enables an increase of efficiency that leads to productivity enhancement – saving time and money on the long run.

Default Preview Image Success Story

Shopfloor transparency at Schinko

Merging machine data with ERP data has created a ‘single source of truth’ and thus full transparency on the shopfloor. As well as viewing historical data, it is now possible to access real-time data, enabling fast reaction times to disruptions in production. Production planning can also be improved by providing exact information on actual times.

Leverage potential and develop new business models

  • Higher machine utilisation rates and enhanced processes resulting in lower production costs
  • Less downtime thanks to accurate forecasts and remote problem prevention
  • Customer services that fit like a glove but are no longer time-consuming and expensive
  • Machine data gathered in real time, making it easier to implement continual product improvements

With the support of GFT, data, information and integration can be used to develop new digital services and business models in-house, which can be quickly introduced to the market.


Industrial IoT (IIoT) platforms are a vital foundation for Industry 4.0. They come with a basic setup and a variety of options and possibilities. Thus, you can be sure to take off rather quickly and with limited resources but be able to successively add what add value to your business.

The market of IIoT platforms is wide. Every platform like Cumulocity or Adamos has its advantages and specifications. We are not limited to just one a certain solution, we use the one that fits your needs best.

Our IIoT platform sphinx open online provides decision-relevant information and efficient support for a smart factory. It offers outstanding capabilities for integrating, visualising and optimizing business processes and models.


The initial delivery of data from machine to dashboard usually
takes less than 30 minutes.

Our IIoT platform as enabler

Information is available everywhere and on every device

The products are core components of high-value solutions

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