Operational CRM: we develop solutions that manage the process of interactions with customers and prospects.

Reporting and customer data analysis:  we help insurance companies improve their knowledge of customers and business. Integrating data and implementing solutions based on leading products in the market, simultaneously optimise the potential of big data technologies.

Our solutions are designed around a central management system (customer data hub) for customer information:

  • Operational commercial master data which can be extended to unique transactional data
  • Multi-channel information distribution with centralised rules for data segregation
  • Data integration and data governance for integration and control
  • Data quality  and data stewardship on golden copy with configurable processes
  • Data architectures such as the combination of Master Data Management and big data/Hadoop
  • Enterprise implementation, with installations of up to 10 million customers and over 20 million contracts

Why transform your business

Single customer view

Delivery of consistent information to different contact channels as a key success factor for the company’s digital strategy.

Multi-channel approach

Companies need to manage interaction processes through different channels, involving customers and partners in an integrated way.

Digital transformation

Professional and effective use of client data in order to customise offers, understand needs and provide superior customer service, laying the foundations for genuine digital transformation.

Digital transformation requires a consistent non-silo strategy with a strong understanding of customers' need. GFT provides the foundation of a customer centric approach using a combination of MDM, Big data, Data governance and Analytical capabilities that enables insurers to optimise customer centricity.”
Umberto Zanchi Insurance Client Unit Director

Why choose GFT

The sector specialist

GFT is the sector specialist when it comes to providing reliable and innovative IT solutions to the insurance sector, with services spanning consulting, technology and application management for a broad range of use cases.

Knowledge of insurance companies’ needs

Combining tech¬nological expertise and seamless project management with a detailed understanding of the insurance industry, GFT has become a reliable partner for some of the world’s most important and successful insurance companies.

Solution built around market products

GFT and its partners have developed a software asset to accelerate customer data hub solutions. The customer data hub combines all of the required key components to build and manage a reliable view of customers.

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Customer 360 Data Hub