A one-stop shop for vehicle sourcing and finance

Engaging customer journeys across brands in global locations

A strategic cloud-based solution

Main facts:

  • A one-stop shop for vehicle sourcing and finance
  • Delivers benefits to all parties involved in the digital program
  • Scaled to 6 distributed teams in 3 countries in less than 12 months
  • More than 40 customer journeys for 6 brands in 14 markets
  • GFT increasingly involved in some crucial initiatives, such as launch of an electric car  
  • A strategic partnership built on success and trust
It has been an amazing experience to be part of a global program for bringing digital products to the world. Sharing the same vision with the client, our international teams supported the rollout for multiple markets.”

The challenge

From awareness to action

This financial subsidiary of one of the world’s largest car manufacturers wanted to reduce the friction within the sales process. It believed that simple customer journeys could increase satisfaction, improve sales and reduce dropout rates across all of its brands and markets.

The aim of the project was to empower customers to find, finance or lease a vehicle online or refer qualified leads to a dealer. Customers should also be able to browse and buy a range of insurance and other mobility services as part of the journey. All data would be captured to ensure continual improvement.

Getting help for the journey

The client knew GFT from previous projects. GFT had shown a rich mixture of business and technical skills, and had an international presence, as well as the right service culture to deliver a successful project.

Following a competitive tender in early 2019, GFT was selected to support the design and development of engaging customer journeys for a digital storefront as a front-end to multiple back-end solutions for individual brands and markets.

The engagement

Reducing the distance between customer and car

Beginning with a single GFT team and three simple customer journeys the collaboration flourished, and the project scope expanded. In just over a year, three teams, totalling over 50 people have implemented more than 40 unique customer journeys in 14 countries to boost customer engagement and improve choice.

With its strong global presence, GFT was able to develop flexible customer journeys that reflect the culture and requirements of individual markets. The common aim of each journey is to enable customers to close contracts digitally for vehicles and related services, such as servicing, extended warranty and insurance.

Being part of a global digital program, one of the major challenges was to interact with multiple stakeholders for product and market requirements, API and cloud infrastructure, and digital marketing, including analytics, CRM and campaigning. The international team set-up was a truly global experience for all parties involved.
Drawing on its wealth of technical and financial expertise, GFT also implemented a range of additional projects, including shared services for document generation and media storage or the integration of specific services such as digital account check or legitimation.

Most recently, GFT implemented a payment solution that can be easily integrated in customer journeys, brand-portals, or web-shops to offer payment options like MasterCard, Visa, SEPA or PayU.

The benefit

Blending automation with consultancy

The customer journey programme has been so successful it has been rolled out globally. Working as a trusted adviser, GFT helps prioritise and streamline projects to align delivery with the strategic plan.

Projects with a high business value – such as the launch of a new electric vehicle, bundled with a package of financial & mobility services - are implemented by a bespoke team guided by specific goals and milestones, while standard customer journeys are delivered using a partially automated “factory approach” drawing on reusable components. This tiered process shortens time to market, boosts efficiency and mitigates delivery risk. GFT also takes care of applications management and operations.

The success of the programme is about much more than the smart use of technology. It’s  about two companies sharing the same vision, values and objectives. GFT has lived up to its promise of being small enough to care but big enough to deliver and there are more projects on the horizon.

  • JavaScript, TypeScript, REACT
  • Node.js, Serverless framework, AWS dynamodb, Java
  • Concourse CI/CD, TestCafe