Award winning app for teenagers and parents

The new mobile app from banking group Crédit Agricole Italia supports teenagers and parents in the daily management of their finances. Through an interface designed for improved usability for young users, the app enables visibility of available funds and transaction history, requests to parents for additional funds through a secured chat, set up of specific saving goals and peer-topeer payments.

BankMeApp has received the “2017 ABI Award – Innovation for Retail Customers: the bank for the family and young people”.

The challenge

Enable teenagers to manage their finances easily and securely

  • With the aim of making financial services more appealing to young people, Crédit Agricole organised an internal contest in which over 20,000 employees worldwide took part
  • Banking group Crédit Agricole Italia – the Italian bank of Crédit Agricole Group – was entrusted with the implementation of the winning project: BankMeApp
  • BankMeApp should enable teenagers and their parents to effectively manage day-to-day money management, while also providing children with their first lessons on financial education

The engagement

Design and implementation of secured mobile app with strong focus on usability

  • As a long-standing partner to banking group Crédit Agricole Italia, GFT was selected for the development of the app because of its strong expertise in mobile payment services
  • GFT presented different prototypes with carefully designed user experience and interfaces to attract young people through engaging graphics and “playful” usability
  • After agreeing on a prototype, GFT supported the customer in the implementation of a range of services, ensuring the functional coverage of the application in compliance with multichannel architecture. Particular attention was paid to the solution’s invulnerability, providing different security levels both on app side and mobile Server

The benefit

High customer satisfaction and engagement as app becomes part of daily life

  • BankMeApp allows teenagers to monitor revenues and expenses directly on a smartphone, securely request and obtain additional funds from their parents through the chat function, send money to friends through Jiffy’s circuit and manage a piggy-bank area for creating shared savings goals with relatives
  • From the parents’ perspective, the app is an effective tool for financial education as well as day-to-day money management
  • Shortly after its release, the Italian Association of Banks (ABI) selected BankMeApp as winner of the “2017 ABI Award – Innovation for Retail Customers: the bank for the family and young people”
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