Automate testing to reduce the test lifecycle, improve quality and address capacity issues at a large German regional state bank

  • Conduct an initial proof of concept (PoC) using proprietary and open source robotic process automation (RPA) tools for automation of testing processes including navigation and data entry in Loan IQ.
  • Design and build a maintainable and scalable solution without hardcoding of coordinates or time limits.
  • Ensure the solution would run on a Citrix environment.

PoC completed within 30 days using RPA and open source tools
- Initial PoC comparing performance of RPA tool UiPath surce automation tools built on Phyton. UiPath was proven to be the optimal tool for this project.

  • UiPath deployed on GFT machines is able to interact with Loan IQ over a Citrix environment.
  • Adoption of acceptance test driven development (ATDD) as development methodology.
  • Regular meetings, both internally and with the customer, ensure adequate tracking of the progress and avoid bottlenecks.

Shorter testing cycles resulting in greater productivity and reduced costs

  • Technical and methodical basis for the automation of all test cases successfully implemented
  • Testing cycles has been significantly shortened
  • 5.4x productivity improvement
  • The initial PoC showcased the potential cost savings enabled by automation.

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