Franco Saracco was born in 1959 and lives in Tuscany. A graduate in computer science at Pisa University, after working as a navy officer during his military service, Franco embarked upon a career as a software engineer. He spent six years as a researcher in the field of artificial intelligence (AI: machine learning, expert systems, programming language development). This also involved working on important European research projects. In 1992, he joined Datel, now GFT, initially working on a variety of credit projects that enabled the company to become a leader in its field. His professional path has enabled him to merge both a technical and a functional approach to the world of sales. Franco set up and managed Datel Consulting in Ireland (1998 - 2007), and in 2002 he was appointed general manager of Datel. Franco is currently in charge of expansion in the retail banking market.

What is your current role at the company and what are your responsibilities?

I manage the Bank client unit where, in addition to managing the client portfolio (Banco BPM – ranked third in Italy after BPER and Creval), I deal with the retail banking market with the aim of acquiring new clients, projects, business partners, business concepts and asset definitions. At the same time, I'm a member of the retail banking GoToMarket team, for which I am the regional lead for Italy.

What is most important for clients in your segment/market area/topic?

My feeling is that clients are looking to artificial intelligence (AI) as a toolkit of technology that will help them to survive in the market. As a rule, individual AI algorithms or approaches only have the ability to solve specific types of problems, but now I think a new star has entered the scene: the AI System Integrator. This will help organisations to solve problems by allowing them to pick the most suitable technology for a specific sub-problem – technology that can be integrated into a unique and efficient solution.

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Franco Saracco

Banking Sales Director