Ignasi Barri works on business development and innovation surrounding digital transformation at GFT. He has over ten years of experience working in R&D and creating new value propositions for the banking industry.
His current responsibilities range (among others) from building innovative solutions to the challenges faced in banking (primarily by tapping into exponential technologies such as machine learning), mobile and cloud computing, blockchain, augmented reality and virtual reality. In all areas, the focus lies in design-led approaches. To accomplish these goals, he leads a variety of multidisciplinary teams, working with designers, data scientists, full stack developers and start-ups to accelerate the market adoption of new solutions.

Ignasi has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and holds a PhD in computer science from the University of  Lleida.

What is your current role at the company and what are your responsibilities?

I’m the director of Strategy and Business Development at the Digital Office of the GFT group. I plan and execute the global strategy for financial services and Industry 4.0 by applying exponential technologies to the business challenges of today. I created the role of AI global data scientist and an AI solutions team at GFT. This is a multidisciplinary team of consultants, data scientists, data engineers and machine learning engineers that helps solve a variety of challenges by leveraging vast amounts of data, also improving operational efficiency and thus generating new business opportunities.

What is most important for clients in your market topic?

To ‘evangelise’ and deliver solutions with a meaningful impact on the application of cutting-edge technology, such as the cloud, artificial intelligence, or both. There is a lot of hype around AI these days. Understanding what machine learning and neural networks are capable of (or not) is a vital ingredient of success when defining and delivering data-driven projects. My role is thus to minimise the challenges presented by the AI initiatives we work on and thus ensure that we deliver meaningful and valuable AI-based solutions.

What is your added value in your market area?

I am driven by the value added when you merge different disciplines or areas – technology, design, innovation and markets – and harness this to launch initiatives that differentiate the organisation and thus allow us to achieve our business objectives. In my previous position, the focus lay in business development in the financial sector (mainly retail banking, insurance, private banking and investment banking). In this role, I set up a new initiative called the digital innovation lab. Its aim is to enable digital transformation within organisations, underpinned by professional consulting. I’m familiar with the need to interact with technical and business specialists, not only on a management level but also with the executives of customers, prospective clients and partners. The overarching aim is to improve financial services, focusing on operational factors and the quality of service provided to end customers.

I love looking at the world of innovation from different angles and I consider myself an entrepreneur in a corporate environment. In the digital world we live in, it’s essential to focus on international factors and this is an aspect I am passionate about, because it allows me to interact with different people in different organisations and countries. I find this hugely fulfilling – personally and professionally. I really enjoy seeing clients scrutinise the output of my work, because they are the true judges of the quality of the work produced by professionals. I am an ambitious person with a focus on achieving objectives. I have proven experience in setting up high-performance teams and improving the image, offers and business results of the organisations I belong to.

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