Back-end modernisation for open banking

For decades, mainframes have been the cornerstones of IT infrastructure in many businesses, with banks at the forefront. However, the demand for increased flexibility to cope with ever-changing business processes and the need to reduce recurrent costs are forcing companies to move towards open platforms.

Back-end modernisation for open banking

Just as banks have upgraded their entire range of front-end services to personalise and improve the customer experience, they are now starting to move away from monolithic back-end systems. In the new world of open banking, where banking products will no longer be marketed exclusively by traditional banks, the need for speed and flexibility will make all the difference.

The modernisation of the back-end is a strategic move that is part and parcel of the digital transformation banks must undergo to adapt to the market, become more agile and accelerate innovation. Abandoning a mainframe environment involves making a shift towards standardisation through an approach aimed at reducing complexity and thereby increasing cost efficiency.

This point of view explores the three most prominent back-end modernisation options. Download it now to get a better understanding of how to transition from a mainframe infrastructure to an open environment.

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