High Performance Computing in the cloud

Although widely acknowledged as a potentially game-changing capability, the adoption of cloud technology for High Performance Computing (HPC) is still very much in its infancy. However, based on our hands-on experience of this when working with a Tier 1 financial institution, we firmly believe the cloud has the ability to enable firms to rethink the way they approach highly complex technological challenges.

HPC refers to the discipline of aggregating computing power in the way it delivers much higher performance and throughput.

It enables users to get significantly more out of a typical desktop computer, workstation or server in order to solve large problems in the areas of science, engineering or (as is most relevant to this paper) business, and specifically within the financial services and capital markets arenas.

Today, there are several workloads in the financial services industry that could not run without the help of HPC technology. Additionally, all of the workload types below will need significant additional HPC capacity in the near and medium term so they can continue to be executed successfully.

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