Migration in a record time, only 2 months to go live

Immediate cloud platform benefits

Opportunity for more agile innovations

Main facts:

•    Migration of a mission-critical system to the AWS cloud in two months with no downtime 
•    Delivered immediate benefits of cloud: Agile methods, tightened security, and scalability  
•    Simplifies data rights management - LGPD/GDPR 
•    Offers an enhanced user experience in accordance with demanding SLAs
•    Boosts innovation, shortens time to market for new products with a digital business culture  

We had an audacious challenge on our hands as we compressed a larger strategy to enable a cloud architecture. All the problems that arose in the process were quickly resolved with the support of experts from GFT Brazil and AWS. With the migration, we were able to accredit ourselves in some requirements that we have in terms of compliance, robustness and even information security.”
Dariam Villela IT Director, Portal de Documentos

The challenge

An urgent need to do things differently 

Portal de Documentos, a B3 group company, is a leader in digital solutions with legal value throughout the entire credit and collection cycle for goods. In addition, it also registers contracts for property, movable property, equipment and documents in general. 

With more than 30,000 digital registrations per month, all electronic authentication is performed over the internet. The operations use a sophisticated, collaborative technological platform that helps companies reduce costs, improve management processes, and become more efficient.

A critical component part of the portal's business processes, the Fênix system is used for processing documentation and other notarial interactions. Until the end of 2020, it operated on-premise, which was costly to maintain, difficult to adapt and limited in scale. Faced with these challenges, Portal de Documentos decided to migrate to the cloud. 

After careful consideration, GFT was chosen as an AWS partner for the journey. 

The engagement

Accelerating progress through partnership 

GFT accepted the challenge of migrating the Fênix system to the AWS cloud, in a fast and agile way. As a mission-critical platform it was unfeasible to rewrite the entire system as cloud native. Instead, the existing system must be relocated to operate in a cloud environment. Migration with just a few adaptations proved to be a bold alternative, to deliver a quick and effective solution.

Although challenging, the project offered a unique opportunity for Portal de Documentos’ IT team to work with modern methods on a cloud infrastructure. In this way, the migration also fulfilled a strategic goal of adopting cloud as strategic platform for future innovation. GFT teams completed some preparatory modifications to ensure a smooth migration and to ensure cloud benefits were available immediately. 

The Fênix platform was migrated using infrastructure as code. This allows new versions of the infrastructure to be created, amended and built up using Terraform language settings in the AWS environment. Free from the constraints of an on-premise infrastructure, Portal de Documentos’ IT teams made some sustainable gains in efficiency and productivity. 

The benefit

An agile business powered by innovation 

With the Fênix system on the AWS Cloud, Portal de Documenta has a core system that is always available, secure and scalable. The company can be confident in the knowledge that it can comply with current and future SLAs, and data rights obligations. The containerised solution on the cloud can be scaled immediately, when necessary, without the need for investment in hardware or software. 

The new system offers world class security that is continually updated by AWS. Portal de Documentos had an improvement in the ranking of the Security Scorecard, which monitors applications exposed on the internet. 

Overall system performance has improved without any incremental investment. Free from the burden of system maintenance, technology teams can focus on innovation and developing new business opportunities. With its new platform, Portal de Documentos can develop its brand and reputation as a market leader. 

•    Amazon Relational Database Service
•    Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instances
•    Amazon CloudWatch 
•    AWS WAF 
•    Amazon Simple Queue Service 
•    AWS Security Hub
•    Amazon GuardDuty 
•    AWS Fargate

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