Le défi

Improve the effectiveness of potential fraud detection and investigation

  • Sift through huge volumes of both structured and unstructured data from many different sources, both internal and external
  • Correlate different data elements to detect suspicious connections between people and vehicles involved in a claim
  • Promptly detect potential fraud in order to prevent pay-outs to fraudulent claimants and avoid financial loss


Develop an innovative and effective anti-fraud solution by leveraging Big Data technologies

  • Big Data technologies were harnessed to develop an anti-fraud system exploiting the wealth of information available inside and outside the company to minimise the risk of exposure to fraud
  • After a short pilot phase and a four-month project, the first version of the HDI anti-fraud solution, focused on the investigation phase, was released into production
  • The solution has since undergone continuous improvement, with the addition of new functionalities including the integration of advanced technologies such as semantical analysis engines and non-traditional information sources like press releases on the web

Le bénéfice

An award winning solution and the beginning of a strategic partnership

  • Combining Big Data technologies with NoSQL data models, HDI Assicurazioni can execute complex real time queries on 60 million structured and unstructured documents
  • By analysing graphs of relationships between people involved in a claim, the company can identify suspicious hidden connections, thus improving their ability to quickly and efficiently detect potential fraud
  • In 2017, the HDI anti-fraud solution was recognised as the “Best anti-fraud solution” at the Italy Insurance Awards
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