Improving IT efficiency in insurance operations at the Brazilian insurance confederation CNseg

Regulatory compliance and digitalisation are driving insurance businesses to invest in new and existing IT infrastructure. Meanwhile, insure companies are being forced to improve operational efficiency and drive down costs to remain competitive. Greater process agility is a key feature in reducing process cycle time. GFT developed a customised solution for the Brazilian insurance confederation based on IBM BPM. The solution lead to a rise in demand of more than 5000%.

Greater process agility

  • Improve the car insurance reimbursement process between the insurance companies that are members of CNseg
  • Provide high availability, high connectivity and low-cost online services for several insurers

Development of a customised solution

  • Development of a customisable solution based on IBM BPM, CNSEG-integrated systems (records, billing, authentication, etc).
  • Project implemented in 5 months

Reduced process cycle time from 6 days to 6 hours

  • 87.5% reduction of process cycle time
  • Increased demand of more than 5000%
  •  Worldwide recognition award 

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