Grow domestic market share of digital to over 50%

Project delivered by a team of 6

Increased customer satisfaction

Die Herausforderung

Digital transformation for bank enterprise channels

  • The bank perceived an increased demand for digital services from business customers, ranging from SMEs to large corporations
  • As an innovator, the bank wished to deliver a new mobile business banking app to increase customer convenience, offer an engaging experience, and build loyalty
  • The new app would empower bank customers to conduct their core business banking faster and more easily from a mobile phone
  • As well as supporting existing channels, the new app would empower customers to:
    • Pay providers and transfer funds to third parties
    • Download account statements and reports of sales made by point-of-sale terminals with an analysis of  sales and commissions, and the ability to share using WhatsApp
    • Receive CoDi (a digital payment option recently introduced by Bank of Mexico) charges instantly, 24/7, with money immediately deposited to account
    • All operations authenticated using the mobile phone token

Unser Lösungsansatz

A secure mobile app built to the highest industry standards using Agile methods and mixed modern technologies

  • GFT worked directly with the client to receive continual feedback and ensure the app delivered an intuitive, frictionless user experience
  • The solution was developed using Agile methods and made optimal use of modern technologies, including, Webcomponents developed with Polymer and Litelement from Google
  • A scrum team of 6 delivered the solution using Agile SAFe methods within a Webcomponent framework
  • All system components were catalogued and can be deployed elsewhere in the bank

Nutzen auf Kundenseite

More convenient banking for business customers and increased customer loyalty

  • The new solution positions the bank at the forefront of digital channel innovation for business customers
  • A new era for mobile business banking that put the customer at the heart of everything
  • The new app has been very well received by business customers and is on target to exceed 100.000 users in 2020
  • The pioneering app is being rolled out globally
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Gerne sprechen wir mit Ihnen darüber, wie wir unseren Lösungsansatz auf Ihr Business anwenden können

Manuel Lavín

Executive Director and CDO