The highlights of this project

Bringing the Internet of Things to work

Combining the world of on-premise and the cloud

Proofing the return on investment

Die Herausforderung

Implement a real-time ecosystem
The TRUMPF Group is a global leader in the manufacture and provision of high-technology machine tools and has engaged with GFT since 2017.  Following a number of successful collaborative projects TRUMPF asked GFT to help improve its business process knowledge with indoor tracking information.
 As an advanced practitioner of just-in-time management, TRUMPF wished to harness the power and immediacy of the Internet of Things (IoT) to implement a real-time ecosystem that could track workflow within factories. GFT would help in the areas of systems development lifecycle management, project governance, DevOps, Agile methods, artificial intelligence and cloud.
Specific project requirements included:
  • A bespoke IoT Edge device
  • Data from IoT devices to be collected, collated and transferred into the cloud for analysis
  • IoT devices to be secure, tamperproof and free from impersonation
  • Data to be secure at all times – at rest and in transit

Unser Lösungsansatz

A strategic solution based on continuous delivery and automated testing
GFT was engaged to help create a strategic solution that embraced a continuous delivery process and automated testing. Using a dedicated nearshore team, GFT managed the project from design to implementation. At the outset it was realised that a successful solution would require a tailored operating system best created using an Ubuntu stock ISO.
The scope of the project included the design and implementation of DevOps and best practice procedures to:
  • Automate set-up of cloud IoT Edge devices
  • Customise IoT Edge device
  • Monitor, maintain and upgrade IoT Edge devices remotely
  • Ensure a continuous delivery process for all exposed APIs

Nutzen auf Kundenseite

A step-change improvement in efficiency and control
The successful project has delivered a step-change improvement in efficiency and control. TRUMPF has a real-time view of business workflow and can harness the power of its data to boost efficiency. New IoT devices can be set-up easily and quickly so TRUMPF can benefit rapidly. The robust, secure infrastructure delivers quantifiable benefits that include:
  • A highly available, scalable solution with cost-effective pay-as-you go charging
  • IoT data and messages that can be processed on Edge and cloud
  • Reduced time to market to deploy new features on premises and on cloud
  • Data collected from IoT opens new opportunities to optimize work at factories
  • Solution can be rapidly rolled out at new sites
  • A serverless cloud solution
  • Bespoke OS for the IOT Edge Device created from an Ubuntu stock ISO
  • Automated procedure to set up cloud IOT Edge Devices for testing/develop/demo purposes using EC2 instances (ISO to EC2 conversion: ISO-OVA-AMI-EC2)
  • Applications running on IoT Edge devices use GitLab CI, Docker, Packer, JFrog and EC2 bare-metal instances
  • Procedure for monitoring IoT Edge devices remotely use CloudWatch agents and Grafana
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