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Lifelong learning is part of our DNA. A program of continuous learning and development equips all our talents with the core skills needed to flourish in today’s changing business environment. Make your mark and take your talent to the next level. Together we face new challenges, find innovative solutions, and establish smart technologies.

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As the IT sector is a male-dominated industry, we especially support women to succeed in the tech industry. We established our WomenTech Mentoring Programme as part of DE&I strategy, supporting women to feel empowered, confident and contribute to our success.

The WomenTech Mentoring Programme has been a great success in developing skills such as confidence, self-awareness, communication, and others, encouraging GFT women in various countries to improve themselves and become leaders. In 2022, two Spanish and one international edition were completed, with a total of 55 mentees. GFT Costa Rica, Germany, Switzerland and the USA led young talents trough eight mentoring sessions in which they received valuable career advice from mentors and speakers.

In 2023, the WomenTech programme is being rolled out to all 15 GFT countries. To date, 4 editions have been launched with 77 graduates, and there are more to come.

Accelerated Leadership Programme (ALP)

Global networking: 15 countries

Combination of business and managerial skills

Diploma from prestigious business school

More than 300 graduates since 2014

60% female participation in 2023

Julie de Melo
Head of Marketing


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