Driven by increased regulation and amplified by political and shareholder pressure, radical changes in the international financial markets are resulting in a sea change in the front office trading activities of banks and other players in the financial market. To remain profitable, firms must scrutinise their business, product lines and even individual trades in order to assess their margins and offer competitive pricing.

Achieving the required levels of transparency with respect to capital, balance sheet and operational costs - and remaining in a position to assess influences purely based on forecasts – these are daunting prospects are worth every effort. By achieving the desired levels of pre-trade transparency and securing access to real-time management information and evaluations, firms stand to gain a clear competitive advantage over their rivals. Firms that fully understand their capital and cost base can fine-tune the business and pinpoint potential to streamline operations.

Why transform your business

Excel and win, or withdraw and lose

Providing key management information in real time to the front office trading desk and providing key tools to remain competitive.

What is the profit and cost?

A complete Management Information System (MIS) within a line of business (LoB) or on a divisional level paves the way for more effective strategies and targeted growth.

Fine-tune payments and costs

Using a MIS and drawing on highly detailed, timely and qualitatively superior data allows firms to understand cost drivers relating to payments and services. This supports decision-making relating to keeping processes in-house or outsourcing them.

Getting real-time MIS and pre-trade analytics to the front office will be critical in the next wave of front office innovation, but this is no mean feat. Front office infrastructure and processes have traditionally been culturally, organisationally and technologically very distinct from the rest of the firm.”
Andrew Rossiter Head of Technology Services
Andrew Rossiter

Why choose GFT

Wealth of skills in front office

GFT specialists provide strategic business consulting, help you deliver projects and support you with digital technology across a broad area of banking.

Understanding of issues and challenges

Our technology and business consulting units consist of senior professionals with a wealth of cross-functional experience in business, regulatory and IT fields, underpinned by our industry-specific proprietary methods.

In an innovative business world

GFT has a unique track record, having delivered key solutions for complex IT and business requirements to top-tier banks across continents, involving over 500 specialists.