• GFT AI Impact Beta

GFT AI Impact Beta

Shifting gears in software development
GFT AI Impact Beta
This integrated generative AI solution orchestrates the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). It streamlines and accelerates the overall process by integrating leading SW development products. A connected set of tools supports developers end to end: assisted coding, automated documentation, vulnerability assessment and test case generation. GFT AI Impact Beta automates prompt generation, allows easy onboarding of developers, maintains the history and knowledge, and avoids building technical debt. Speed up platform modernisation and shift gears for your digital transformation.

Boosts productivity by up to 25%

Beta version with 7 tools

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Base-level programmers can use generative AI

Speeds up digital transformation

Speeds up platform modernisation

GFT AI Impact Beta - Platform

Baseline structure


GFT AI Impact Beta platform