A new era in digital rights management using smart contracts

Platform built by a GFT team of 15 in 4 months

Great interest among financial institutions

Main facts:

  • A strategic solution for digital rights across all sectors
  • Delivered from scratch by a team of 15 in four months
  • Annual subscription-based service contract aligns costs to digital rights strategy
  • Unmatched granularity of data rights and access
With distributed ledger technologies, digital rights can be separated from the data itself, creating a new world of business opportunity. One Creation empowers companies in many industries to monetise their data through control.”

A unique challenge

Founded in 2019, One Creation is a startup with a vision to transform digital rights across all industries using smart contracts. Its solution is unique in that it manages rights separately from the underlying data, which can be stored anywhere and in any format.

At a time when many companies are considering data monetisation options, One Creation offers a “central nervous system” to monitor and control data access from an app in real time. Data can be distributed across several locations or even ecosystems. This is a timely solution to digital rights challenges such as GDPR, open banking and copyright in the entertainment industry.

One Creation is an unusual tech startup. With only a few employees it lacked the technical capacity to build a platform and sought an expert partner. Attracted by the project’s market potential and with its client base grappling with digital rights, GFT accepted the challenge.

From idea to action


In May 2020, GFT and One Creation began to collaborate, with the aim of completing a minimum viable product (MVP) in four months. A cloud-based solution was the only realistic way to meet the ambitious timeframe and was the ideal platform for a scalable production solution. As well as contributing skilled resources, GFT provided the right cloud environments, thanks to its internal partnership programs.

Technology – a people business

Beginning with a team of nine accredited Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud engineers, GFT adopted an AWS  technology stack using its own infrastructure-as-code set up. In this way, infrastructure could be provisioned as necessary, aligning costs with exact requirements, while maximising agility and flexibility.

A model AWS development

In a matter of weeks, GFT expanded the development team to 15 individuals in several locations. With its proven global delivery, model GFT could draw on an international talent pool and delivery expertise to maximise productivity and ensure the best possible outcome. For example, the  UX/PX was delivered in the UK, whereas smart contracts, cloud engineering and development services in Spain, while One Creation is based in the USA.

From the outset the team adopted Agile methods, including DevOps and an AWS pipeline for continuous integration and deployment. As well as shortening the development and release cycle, this enabled new functionality to be added and amended quickly. Terraform scripts ensured the infrastructure was continually configured to exact requirements.

The decentralisation of trust

A key feature of the development was to separate data from digital rights. In practice, the platform does not use data but is driven by metadata, which is encrypted from end to end.
To maintain security and trust, One Creation uses smart contracts and distributed ledger technology. This provides a “single version of the truth” that covers all actions and events. Data can only be viewed by people entitled to do so.

Production ready on time and to plan

In October 2020, GFT delivered the MVP as planned. One Creation is moving into production with a digital rights service available on an annual subscription. The unique service heralds a new era in digital rights management. Organisations can monetise their data at scale without speculative investment, safe in the knowledge their digital right are maintained.

Several of the world’s top banks and insurance companies are showing great interest in One Creation as a strategic solution to the digital rights challenge. GFT clients are considering it as an alternative to costly permissioning systems at each exit of their data warehouses. One Creation can support any kind of data set and will work in any functional domain or industry.

The project shows how AWS methods and technologies empower collaboration. One Creation has a marketable solution while GFT has lived up to its reputation of being able to work with companies of all sizes.

AWS CloudFront - Content Delivery Network service to serve web content to customers globally with low latency and high transfer speeds.
Amazon EKS – Elastic Kubernetes Service is the runtime environment for the backend application and DAML engine. For the MVP the approach is to run both, backend and DAML engine on the same EKS cluster.
Amazon S3 – Object storage is used for various tasks:

  • Store and serve the AngularJS frontend application
  • Store data files uploaded by the applications contributors
  • Distribution channel for data provided to subscribers

Amazon RDS – Database service for PostgreSQL is used to store application and DAML ledger data.
Amazon SES – Simple Email Service to send notifications via email to all participants of the application.
AWS CodePipeline - continuous integration and continuous delivery service connected to GitHub.

Digital Asset Modelling Language (DAML) ensures all objects created, including data sources, apps, subscriptions, contributions are immutable. These can be shared on a DLT network.

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In the digital age, all great businesses are powered by data, usually from many sources. Now that data is the “new oil” digital rights are crucial to (...)

Solution architecture overview

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