Identifying and achieving cost savings is one of the key challenges our clients are currently dealing with. As simple cost-saving strategies have already been implemented, it is becoming more and more difficult to keep meeting efficiency improvement targets. This project focused on the migration of development and support for a critical risk platform to a low-cost location in order to reduce risk and costs.

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Service transition of a critical risk engine platform

  • As part of a new operating model, the client needed to transition development and SL3 support for a critical risk engine platform from Eastern Europe in order to reduce risk and lower costs
  • The platform provides risk positions and regulatory reporting for the client’s global bond and credit default swap trading
  • 'Run the bank' services were also being transitioned to a farshore vendor


GFT’s onshore and nearshore teams led the service transition

  • GFT provided onshore and nearshore teams; the service lead and functional analyst were at the client's site in London and this allowed them to liaise directly with the business to understand future requirements
  • GFT followed our proven transition/knowledge transfer methods, which involved a review of the platform to assess stability and understand the functionality and associated architecture


A successful transition without business disruption and the highest customer satisfaction rating

  • GFT successfully transitioned the service with customer feedback resulting in ultimate customer satisfaction within the risk area during the transition phase
  • GFT initiated a continuous service improvement plan to drive improvements in platform stability and safeguard increased compliance with internal audit and regulatory bodies
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