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Offer a world-class omnichannel sales experience

  • Toyota Bank wished to harness digital technologies to boost brand engagement, help customers choose the best used vehicles and to unify customers, sellers and partners. Technically, this required:
  • A new strategic serverless cloud infrastructure with zero downtime and ‘everything as code’ deployment
  • Automated ingestion of on-premises data with no impact on performance or service availability
  • A phased development with weekly releases to deliver customer value faster


Design and build a platform to facilitate continuous development and delivery

Making extensive use of Agile practices, such as Lean Inception, Design Thinking, Kanban, Scrum and Extreme Programming, GFT designed and built a new platform that facilitated continuous development and delivery. Highlights included:

  • A new microservices architecture with APIs packaged as docker containers, rolling updates, auto scaling and self-healing
  • Fully automated DevOps pipeline covering build, deployment, testing (unit, integration, end-to-end) using Azure DevOps and ARM Templates
  • Automated data extraction from relational to NoSQL read-only databases


Technology drives business success

  • The new omnichannel platform offers benefits to all members of the value chain:
  • Customers feel welcome as “Toyota lovers” and enjoy defined digital journeys
  • The bank’s business is transformed with a digital platform that is reliable and scalable
  • Groundbreaking architecture sets new standards for Toyota Bank and the industry
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