Powerful risk solutions are increasingly required to meet client's immediate needs and strategic objectives across departments and locations. The group treasury department of this tier 1 bank wanted more proactive management and optimisation of their financial resources. GFT designed an app for treasury management which makes collaboration faster and has effectively reduced regulatory fines.

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Create a proactive management and optimisation tool for group treasury

  • The group treasury department of a tier 1 bank wanted to make its management more proactive and optimise financial resources
  • It also stipulated that this should be achieved using real-time information that can be accessed from an iPad or desktop, allowing users to quickly identify any irregular key treasury indicators such as the liquidity ratio, balance sheet changes or ratings downgrades


Create an app for group treasury to optimise financial resources

  • GFT was asked to create an app featuring innovative solutions for managing scarce resources, daily cash flows and divisional transfer pricing, also offering a comparison of all metrics on one axis
  • Interviews were conducted with a core base of ten senior treasury decision-makers in London and Zurich to understand information flows, key tasks and decision-making process


A user experience design with added business efficiencies

  • GFT designed an app to make collaboration faster; this has also reduced regulatory fines (at group and legal entity level) as well as the risk of running out of operating resources
  • Limit and liquidity buffers have been reduced by improving confidence in the numbers
  • More certain decision-making regarding key transactions
  • Time and money spent on producing and presenting reports has also been reduced

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