• ¿Sabías que GFT es socio de Guidewire desde 2011?

¿Sabías que GFT es socio de Guidewire desde 2011?

Implementación de soluciones de TI totalmente integradas para compañías de seguros
Personalised insurance to boost customer experience<br/>
Personalised insurance to boost customer experience
Helping you transform for growth
GFT has been a partner of Guidewire for over a decade, currently holding the status of Consulting Advantage partner.
Working with us allows you to take advantage of the learnings that come from many years of implementation experience, helping you to realise the business benefits of Guidewire quickly and within budget. Our Guidewire project expertise spans twelve countries and seven languages – a strong local footprint that allows us to design solutions that meet specific local requirements, languages and regulations.
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