Secrets of digital banking survey results

GFT conducted an online survey between March and April 2015 focussed on retail banks in Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil and the United Kingdom. The survey was completed by 124 business and technical decision-makers with responsibility for various aspects of digital banking.

The objectives were to

  • find out how banks in these countries are approaching digital banking
  • compare levels of market-readiness
  • uncover what they see as the key success factors in this market

Here are just a few of the digital banking strategy questions you’ll be able to answer if you download our presentation of survey insights:

  • Which service element is considered the most important for digital banking success - mobile payments or personal finance management?
  • In which countries are banks betting the most on their digital banking strategies?
  • How do countries differ from each other?
  • How much time is left for gaining competitive advantage?
  • To what extent are peers really putting the customer at the centre of their strategy?

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