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Mit der Fachkompetenz unserer Experten und mehr als 30 Jahren Markterfahrung unterstützen wir unsere Kunden als verlässlicher Partner bei der Bewältigung komplexer Herausforderungen in der Finandienstleisungsbranche und dem Industriesektor.

Seit jeher verfolgen wir das übergeordnete Ziel, maximalen Mehrwert für unsere Kunden zu schaffen und dabei deren Anforderungen hinsichtlich Projektdauer und Budgetplanung zu erfüllen. Dieser Fokus ist Basis unserer Unternehmensziele und der erfolgreichen und vertrauensvollen Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Kunden weltweit.


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  1. 525-success-story-car-buying-reimagined

    Autokauf neu gestaltet - Auswählen, Finanzieren, Losfahren

    Die Art und Weise wie wir Autos kaufen hat sich deutlich verändert. Verbraucher hegen den Anspruch, Fahrzeuge über digitale Kanäle zu vergleichen, auszuwählen und zu kaufen, so wie sie es von anderen Produkten gewohnt sind. Der globale Autogigant beauftragte GFT für die Neugestaltung des Autokauf-Prozesses. Erfahren Sie, wie ein digitaler Showroom Kunden rund um die Uhr die Möglichkeit gibt, ihr Traumauto zu finden und zu finanzieren.

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    Core insurance platform modernisation

    One of the largest damage insurers in Quebec, Promutuel Insurance provided property and casualty insurance through 24 mutual associations and planned to reduce this to16. As part of its business transformation strategy, the group sought a single, modern claims and policy management system that would help eliminate cumbersome paper, improve business processes, reduce costs and support an ambitious growth strategy...

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    Raise operational efficiency at Brazilian insurance confederation

    Regulatory compliance and digitalisation are driving insurance businesses to invest in new and existing IT infrastructure. Meanwhile, insure companies are being forced to improve operational efficiency and drive down costs to remain competitive. Greater process agility is a key feature in reducing process cycle time. GFT developed a customised solution for the Brazilian insurance confederation based on IBM BPM. The solution lead to a rise in demand of more than 5000%.

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    Claims management solution at HDI Seguros Brazil

    For an insurance company, managing a claim is the most critical factor in the interaction with the customer. Nevertheless, many insurers are still using ageing, inflexible claim and policy systems to run their core business processes. There are now much more efficient and effective claims management solutions that make it possible to reduce costs and make better use of resources. To raise productivity at HDI Seguros Brazil, GFT implemented an IBM BPM claims management solution.

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    Stretch mainframe capacity for Spanish retail bank

    Mainframes are complex but reliable and fast processing platforms. Their usage outlays constitute a significant proportion of an organisation's IT budget as costs incurred can sometimes be high. Furthermore, according to experts, organisations should expect a 15 to 20% annual increase in CPU resource consumption. Reducing the costs of a company's mainframe environment while minimising risk is therefore a key challenge facing every organisation's IT department. For this Spanish retail bank, GFT improved IT resource consumption and performance by a total of 7966 minutes per month.

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    Reduce mainframe consumption at an Italian financial institution

    As bank IT infrastructures and budgets come under increasing pressure, cost reduction continues to top the industry agenda. Operations managers are expected to improve operational efficiency by 10 to 20 per cent annually. Meanwhile, the cost of IT operations increases by 5 to 10 per cent each year. Within three weeks, GFT significantly reduced CPU usage and identified seven improvement opportunities for this Italian financial institution.

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    Multiyear outsourcing for Spanish subsidiary of leading global bank

    Financial institutions are seeing increased cost savings from outsourcing systems that enable the bank to run more efficiently. These savings can fuel investments in other areas, especially digital transformation initiatives. For this major global bank, GFT outsourced the full IT services department to our nearshore facilities in Spain. Through the ongoing maintenance and development of the entire application landscape, we leveraged synergies, achieving major cost reductions and efficiency improvements.

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    Big Data in the cloud for tier 1 global bank

    The benefits of cloud computing are huge and include reduced capital expenditures, ongoing cost reductions and scalability. However, moving to the cloud is challenging even if it is also an opportunity to transform the way banks deliver business value to their stakeholders. By moving an existing system that was computer-intensive, time-critical and entailed a high cost of ownership, GFT achieved massive performance improvements for this tier 1 bank, taking it from an on-premise solution to a native cloud. GFT’s big data capabilities on the Google Cloud Platform improved performance by a factor of 24. In the meantime, the native cloud solution is four times cheaper than the previous on-premise solution.

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    Application Lift-out and Migration for US Asset Manager

    The application landscapes of large financial organisations have expanded dramatically in recent years, tying up significant resources if they are to be managed effectively. CIOs are facing the challenging task of reducing cost bases while attempting to accelerate delivery times. GFT Cloud Engineering helps financial institutions achieve spectacular performance enhancements. Deploying 28 complex applications through the cloud using AWS and Azure resulted in a 38% improvement in application performance for this US asset manager.

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    Blockchain innovation for The Royal Bank of Scotland

    The phenomenon surrounding blockchain/distributed ledger technology (DLT) has sparked a rush of innovation activity within the financial services sector. Firms are beginning to understand the potential use cases of DLT and the impacts it could have on their entire business model. In collaboration with Google, GFT built and deployed a test framework and sandbox on GCP for the Royal Bank of Scotland to prove that the Emerald settlement tool scales on Ethereum.

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    Claims management solution for leading international insurer

    Insurance companies all over the world are facing an increased number of claims in a variety of different forms. Many are still using ageing, inflexible claim and policy systems to run their core business processes. Enhancing the customer experience through a simplified claims management process is a challenge faced by many international insurance companies. Working alongside EY, GFT built a single multi-role application to cover the entire process, also improving data quality and tightening anti-fraud detection for this leading international insurer.

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    Review and Service Transition of Critical Risk Engine Platform for a Tier I Investment Bank

    Identifying and achieving cost savings is one of the key challenges our clients are currently dealing with. As simple cost-saving strategies have already been implemented, it is becoming more and more difficult to keep meeting efficiency improvement targets. This project focused on the migration of development and support for a critical risk platform to a low-cost location in order to reduce risk and costs.

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    Fixed Income - Transition to near-shore application management model

    With rising pressure on banks' IT infrastructures and budgets, for many in the industry cost reduction is at the top of the agenda. As the most immediate strategies for improving efficiency have already been exploited, it is becoming more and more difficult to keep meeting improvement targets. Our global banking client benefited from the improved working practices offered by GFT, based on a proven blend of business knowledge and software development methods.

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    Exchange traded funds platform

    One of the main areas of focus with IT projects is cost and time efficiency, especially when improving existing IT platforms or applications, but also when introducing new ones. To keep projects within plan and budget, banks need partners who are able to offer a detailed understanding of financial services. As an industry specialist, GFT offers the combined knowledge and experience of the ETF derivative market and high performance web-based solutions – thus making it possible to build bespoke IT platforms which are not only capable of enhancing liquidity, but which also improve transparency and reduce fragmentation.

  15. gft_success-story_banking-group-leverages-bank-as-a-platform-open-apis-to-expand-services_de

    Globale Bankengruppe erweitert Portfolio über Bank-as-a-Platform-APIs

    Mit Hilfe des BaaP-Ansatzes entwickelte eine global agierende Bank eine komplett digitale Banking-Umgebung für Kunden. Durch entsprechende Governance-Regelungen und sichere offene APIs können Drittanbieter in diesen Prozess integriert werden. Dies bildet die Grundlage für eine Zukunft, in der Kunden in sämtlichen Bereichen ihres finanziellen Lebens über eine einzige Nutzeroberfläche interagieren können.

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    360º customer view and CRM for leading Italian insurance group

    When it comes to customer service, insurance companies no longer compete with traditional competitors. Customers expect a service on a par with digital giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook. They expect high levels of personalisation, short response times, premium quality services and transparent processes. To comply with this, insurance companies require huge volumes of structured data in a single customer hub, offering daily online updates. For this Italian insurance group, GFT built a front-line CRM solution with a 360º customer view, campaign management and customer communications based on a single data source.