New use cases driving MIPS and costs of mainframe

Mainframes are complex but reliable and fast processing platforms. Their usage outlays constitute a significant proportion of an organisation's IT budget as costs incurred can sometimes be high. Furthermore, according to experts, organisations should expect a 15 to 20% annual increase in CPU resource consumption. Reducing the costs of a company's mainframe environment while minimising risk is therefore a key challenge facing every organisation's IT department. For this Spanish retail bank, GFT improved  IT resource consumption and performance by a total of 7966 minutes per month.

Die Herausforderung

Mainframe optimisation to support three times higher operational volumes

  • Following the acquisition of various banks, optimisation of mainframe resources was required to manage 3 times higher operational volumes with just twice the z/OS power
  • Identify performance patterns and propose actions to make improvements
  • Analyse batch scheduling and propose improvements

Unser Lösungsansatz

Mainframe usage review and improvement advice

  • 11 month engagement with up to 5 people working simultaneously on different applicationssimultaneously for different applications
  • 40+ patterns documented
  • 1,000+ improvements proposed

Nutzen auf Kundenseite

Improved consumption of IT resources and enhanced performance

  • Reduction in overall MIPS and cost maintenance
  • Average savings in elapsed time: 7966 min/month
  •  Average savings in CPU time: 750 min/month 

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Enrique Pérez Fernandez

Senior Manager