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Develop a cloud-based application to bring an innovative life insurance product to market

  • Our client is a major bank in North America that wanted to realise the benefits of the cloud in the development of the customer portal for a new life insurance product
  • Develop a new application built from the ground up using only native cloud technologies
  • Provision an application infrastructure in Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Develop and run the application exclusively in a cloud environment


Business process and technology alignment to deliver all the benefits of Google Cloud

  • Once Google Cloud Platform was selected, the initial task was to establish the development and production environments on GCP, including all aspects of infrastructure management (provisioning, design, implementation, deployment, security, supervision and management)
  • On an ongoing basis we established monitoring services and monitoring logs, plus incident and backup management process and procedures
  • Infrastructure service updates were established (e.g. web servers, Java virtual machines, database, firewalls, load balancers)
  • Set up the new environment to allow for rapid future development and performance optimisation
  • The GFT team delivered cloud technology training to end-user teams within the bank


Efficiency and scale, with a future-proof system that can help drive growth

  • The client is able to enjoy a platform that is self-scaling and highly available – able to efficiently cater for user demand at any time
  • The bank has an efficient and flexible infrastructure, with a consumption-based cost model
  • The project has delivered a significant reduction in development time compared with previous technology projects of this scale
  • The new methods of working in GCP in an agile manner has delivered all the benefits of a much higher deployment frequency, with less risk and a drive for continual improvement and growth


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