Grading your security posture for cloud

Your cloud security posture refers to your overall security status for cloud, including your applications, user access, data security, and network security. It is essentially a report card on your ability to prevent, detect and remediate security threats across all these domains for your cloud environment as quickly and thoroughly as possible in order to minimize risk and impact. However, simply moving to a secure cloud is not enough.

Cloud is considered mainstream, and the business imperatives driving steady cloud adoption are clear for those who embrace it. This includes enterprise agility from scalable infrastructure and the quick development and deployment of workloads, and the shift towards consumption-based solutions that do not rely on heavy investment in IT infrastructure.

Your cloud security posture is bolstered by a solid combination of working on a secure cloud platform like Google Cloud and correctly leveraging the platform tools available, while understanding your share of the responsibility for making your applications, data and users secure - simply moving to a secure cloud like Google Cloud is not enough.