Put customer first on your agenda

In the digital age, customers don’t look for financial products but a great, dynamic experiences. They have high expectations and want services to be available anywhere, anytime and on any device.
80% of customers rank a great experience as highly as a great product or service. Being customer centric means putting customers are the heart of everything you do.
Digitalization offers a unique opportunity to become more customer centric. Every customer interaction can be turned into a conversation that can be continued across multiple channels and at any time. Customers must be free to leave the conversation at any time and to pick where they left off.
In practice achieving to offer the perfect balance between outstanding functionality and an excellent user experience means using the latest design methodologies and technologies – such as data engineering, artificial intelligence and machine learning to harness the power of your data and design to offer a hyper-personalized customer journey.
Getting started with these exponential technologies is never easy, but it’s lot easier with expert help. GFT has unique practical experience of working with the latest technologies and has the right business expertise to deliver solutions that deliver sustainable business benefits.

Why customer centricity

Redesign customer relationships to keep them on board

If you’re not engaging with your customers, someone else is. Use digital technologies to turn every customer interaction into a conversation. Discover what your customers need and offer them a journey that increases engagement and builds loyalty.

Break down silos and offer a great customer experience

Many businesses have evolved by selling products. Times have changed. Now is the time to transform from being product led to customer led. Replace products with great customer experiences that are offered in context.

Offer customers what they want before they ask

New technologies are redefining what’s possible in customer service and opti-channel product design. By harnessing the power of live data you can anticipate customer requirements and offer services that meet their exact needs.

The days of being product-led are over. Customer centricity means delivering financial services where and when customers need them as part of an exciting digital life experience. Banks that fail to do this will left behind.”
Paco Amador Digital Transformation Manager
Paco Amador

Why choose GFT as strategic partner

Business transformation that work with people

Customer centricity means realigning your organisation to put customers at the heart of all that you do. GFT can help you transform from your existing technology stack to modern technologies that align your business exactly with customer needs.

At the forefront of technology change

Adopting the right technologies is key to customer centricity. Modern technologies are at the heart of all that we do. With expertise in big data, artificial intelligence and agile development methods no one knows more about business transformation.

Practical know-how to invent new business

Business transformation is about people and technology. We can help you define a new approach that will help you build a more agile, customer-centric organisation.