Credit management processes are complex, involve many parties, data and systems, and are constantly evolving as a result of regulatory and market changes. Traditionally, new applications have often been added as point solutions to respond to new business needs, resulting in a fragmented architecture where systems communicate with each other poorly and suffer from a lack of automated interfaces and consistency checks.

Banks have much to gain from unifying credit approval and all other credit-related processes in an integrated, user-friendly environment: a platform based on a single workflow tool that orchestrates all customer credit management processes.

Why transform your business

A more efficient process of credit

Information flows seamlessly between the functions involved in the lending process, accelerating all stages of the process. Automatic population of data is achieved through tight integration with back-end systems and external information providers.

Greater business insight

Enhanced data reconciliation, proactive credit monitoring and the application of dynamic business rules increase the overall quality of the credits.

All processes on one platform

A unified front-end, designed with the users in mind, hides the technical complexities of different tools and legacy applications.

By unifying all customer credit management processes on a single platform and orchestrating the flow of information, people work more efficiently, processes are completed faster and decisions are supported by data that people trust. Giuseppe Romaniello Executive Director


Why choose GFT

Deep credit know-how

Having worked with many leading European banks since 1987, GFT has built a strong expertise in credit management.

Rapid deployment

Through a combination of consultancy, methodology, business and technical components, plus system integration capabilities, GFT ensures a fast time-to-market for your projects.

Digital Innovation Lab

The GFT Digital Innovation Lab is a proving ground for the digital banking environment of today and tomorrow. Our multidisciplinary specialists anticipate social trends and develop new business models that obtain maximum benefit from digitalisation.

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